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Since Robin has yet to buy the house next door it is left sad and vacant. Usually it makes me wistful to gaze out my kitchen window and see its empty windows and think of all the things that could be, but with the dawn of spring (finally) I have discovered the hidden perks of having a vacant house next door. Flowers. Loads of flowers in overgrown gardens that have no one to appreciate them, no one to smile upon them, no one to tend to them. So Pia and I have taken to seeing the house next door as our personal cutting garden. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, oh my! I am becoming very spoiled as I don’t like Pia to pick our flowers, but in our cutting garden she can pick to her heart’s content.

The cutting garden is also helping me keep a long-ago resolution. Once, when feeling overwhelmed (as usual) with cleaning and laundry and dishes and yard work and picking noodles off the floor I decided that I should choose one thing that I can keep up with. And I decided (with no trace of practicality) that I should at least make sure there were always fresh flowers in our flower pegs on the wall. Within a week of the resolution there were dead stalks and yellow water begging for mercy, a silent taunt reminding me that I couldn’t do anything right. But now, thanks to the cutting garden, I have had fresh flowers for three weeks straight. We will overlook the state of the rest of the house.


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  1. Beautiful! The number of reasons you will cry when that house sells just keeps increasing. You should buy it yourself to ensure your future happiness. And then those lockers in the garage and lattice out back? Totally free and clear for the taking. It is SO worth buying a house for a lattice, lockers, and a cutting garden.


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