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Tea’s Unparty

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Last year, I enjoyed planning an airplane party for Tea.  He didn’t care about the details that I spent hours on, but it was fun for me.  This year, I didn’t feel any creative sparks in the party planning arena, so I didn’t plan anything at all.  Tea still wanted a party, and we conventiently had playgroup at our house on his birthday, so we blew up a few balloons, his Nana made him a cake, and we threw firefighter hats on the kids’ heads.  Instant party.

Tea’s single request, apart from cake, was to play hide and seek.  Now, I love my kid and I adore his friends, but wow they are some seriously challenged hide and seek players.  There was a dreadful amount of peeking, hiding in the same spot repeatedly, and I was stranded more than once when I hid and no one bothered to find me.  There was also a whole lot of giggling.  They had a ball.

I’m glad Tea had a great birthday.  He didn’t need a fancy party.  All you really need is friends.

Afterwards, Tea assured us that he did NOT need a nap.  Since it was his birthday, we let him chose to stay downstairs.  He spent the rest of the afternoon “snuggling” with his dad.

You must be mistaken - this child is *not* asleep


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  1. Too cute. I love his cake. We are having the same kinda of non planned party for Jaxin this year as we get back from China on his birthday. We will just have a few family members over the following weekend for some cake.

  2. Looks like everyone had an awesome time. And the picture of Daddy and Tea at the end? THE BEST! Love it!

  3. Thanks again for sharing his day & your home & these photos with us!


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