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How I know it’s time to make rhubarb pie

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When the plant is big enough to hide a child, pie is overdue.

In case you're wondering, he's smelling it

A few hours after I snapped this picture, storms rolled through and pelted us with pea-sized hail.  I initially thought only the arugula was damaged (not beyond repair, don’t worry) until I wandered to the back of the yard to pick rhubarb for a pie the next day.

The rhubarb was smashed to smithereens.  I had no idea it was so fragile.  All the leaves were punched through with holes and the stems were ripped apart and snapped in half wherever hail struck them.  Considering our rhubarb is hiding in a non-ideal spot under a lilac bush, it’s incredible how decimated it was.  It made me doubly glad I hadn’t stuck my seedlings in the garden yet.

On the bright side, the pie was delicious.  If only we were patient enough to let it cool before digging in, because day 2 was even better than last night.  Now it’s gone, and so is most of my rhubarb plant.  Anybody have divisions they’d like to trade for some arugula?


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  1. If you glance quickly at the photo Tea appears to be a very large pumpkin.

    I wish I could get into rhubarb. It seems so wholesome and earthy. But I just can’t. Actually, maybe it is that I can’t get into pie and that is the only form I have tasted rhubarb in. Do they make rhubarb cookies? Or rhubarb chocolate mousse? Then maybe I could get behind it.

  2. I had the same thought about the pumpkin.

    I feel the same way about pie that you do about Bruce. I suspect it’s because you’ve never eaten good pie. It’s hard to find. But if you really don’t like it, rhubarb makes a delicious sauce to put on vanilla ice cream, and can be made into bread, cobbler, etc etc etc. I am eyeing this recipe to try next:


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