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Practice makes perfect

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Pea’s ability to furrow his brow and stick out his bottom lip is impressive and he knows it.  I like to think that he takes after me in this respect.  What he hasn’t figured out is how to maintain The Pout in the face of our laughter – it is so stinking cute it rarely elicits the desired response.

Here are a few attempts at pouting during dinner:

Something you have done deeply offends me.

Wait a minute, what are you doing? Stop laughing at me.

I am NOT laughing. This is serious. I mean it. Don't look at me.

Ah nuts. Fine. You got me this time.

I've taken a moment to collect myself and NOW I am totally serious. I don't remember why I'm upset with you, but that's not the point anymore. I. Will. Pout.

There is nothing funny about this so don't even TRY to change my mood.


Damn you people! How's a boy supposed to pout around here?


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  1. He is a master pouter. Love the pictures!! And the radioactive juice you appear to be serving him 🙂

  2. Why on earth would you want those boys to have extra energy??? You’re kidding – right? Or do you just give it to them before I babysit?

  3. I love your kids. Sid is just now starting to fake pout, but it is very dramatic and obvious (still hilarious, but he knows it is just for effect). I do have a Pout Catcher I can lend you…100% success so far!

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