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I recently mentioned that we have a Pouter.  Pea alternates between being a most laid back, cheerful child  and a champion bottom-lip-thruster.  Watching his moods shift is like watching the inner battle between his personality and his duty as a two-year-old.  Luckily, our friend Jenn introduced us to the Pout Catcher.  It works every time, and even Tea has perfected it.

The Pout

Tea moves in to catch the pout

Pea's armor cracks

A kiss from Daddy helps melt any residual pout away

Thanks, Jenn.  Do you think this will work when he’s a teenager?


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  1. Love the third photo. You can just see the ‘Okay, fine, you win this time’ look on his face

  2. haha… too cute! Such a great idea of catching the pout!! I am sure it still helps when he is a teenager…. at least I hope for you!!

  3. I love it! I’m filing that one away–not for long. Will probably need it later today. CUTE pictures, Robin!

  4. See, I miss a day, I miss a lot! LOVE the pics, as usual! Pea is so fun, and you give me hope that Sid will get along with his baby brother too…cause he loves the IDEA of Baby Brother, not sure how that whole “actually having to share with him” thing’s gonna go…
    And I think showing films of them at this age when they are teens will be reeeeaaalllly effecive, esp when they are tantrumming! >:D


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