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State of the garden, June and July 2011

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I’m kicking myself that I haven’t been keeping a better record of the general progress of our inaugural garden.

I’ve had a lot of help from the boys with watering and weeding.

No signs yet of squash vine borer larva in the zucchini, although I did pick 5 squash bugs off the plants today.  I believe their name tells me how to handle them so, yep, I squashed them good.  We harvested our first zucchini this week, which was delicious in Kyle’s green curry.  We’re growing “pool ball” squash so we get to pick them when they’re cute and little.  I am vaguely frightened we’ll miss a few and end up with “soccer ball” squash.

We’ve also harvested our radishes.  They were too spicy for the boys unless I sliced them to top bagels with chive cream cheese.  Then we fought over them.

A responsible arugula grower would probably pull her plants at this point, but I can’t give up on them yet.  The leaves still taste good and the flowers are so pretty.  I will kick myself when I’m weeding ninety zillion baby arugula plants out of the garden.

The zinnias I planted along the edges are finally blooming and would look a lot nicer if they weren’t smashed up against the rabbit fence I finally installed.  I decided to stop trusting my luck when I caught a bunny nibbling the garlic, which I’d planted as a rabbit barrier to the snap peas and carrots.  I only had enough fencing for one of the beds, so the herbs and Brussels sprouts are on their own.

peas love garlic, too

The biggest pest in the garden is snap pea buzzards.  I didn’t know we had them in these parts, but every time I open the door, they swoop down the steps from the house and swarm all over the pea plants until all 6 are picked clean.  Their short arms don’t seem to be hindered by the fencing.  Every few days I find a lone pea pod that was just out of their reach and it tastes soooo good that I curse myself for not planting more.  I’m not sure how many I’ll need to put in to satisfy the buzzards and leave a few to feed Kyle and I.

snap pea buzzards feeding

The amazing thing to me is how fast the garden changes.  Here is Tea in front of the tomatoes on June 21st:

Those tomatoes are now 5’6″ tall.  I know because I measured them with a tape measure.  Tonight.  In the dark.  For science.  And since they are in a raised bed, they are already over my head.  I look forward to seeing if they’ll make it all the way up the arbor.  Why do people say kids grow like weeds?  The veggies are growing far faster than the weeds are, and without fertilizer.  Those tomatoes grew at least 2″ today.  They were (ahem, cough) only 5’4″ at lunch time.  Not that I measure them constantly.  This was a one time thing.  For science.

I don’t think I’ve even pulled more than 5 weeds in the last two weeks.  The first month I was weeding for at least 15 minutes each day.  But now that the veggies are established, my shoe-horn seed planting method eliminated all available space.

I know that I have far too much crammed into that 64 square feet:

strawberries (9)

arugula (3 rows)

carrots (2 rows)

radishes (1 row)

garlic (30)

peas (6)

squash (4)

tomatoes (4)

basil (4)

cilantro (3)

parsley (2)

peppers (6)

Brussels sprouts (4)

asparagus (10)

Still, I couldn’t help myself.  I have grand plans in my head for more boxes next year.  And I have a little row empty where I harvested radishes.  I’m thinking of planting some spinach there.  Too soon?

Chipmunk relocation update: 7


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