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Cousin Camp 2011, part 1

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I have been sorely out of touch of late on our little blog. I attribute this to three reasons. 1) It is hot (actually, that is just the past few days, but in the past few days I have sweated enough for several lifetimes), 2) I have been sewing like a mad woman (pictures of projects will appear at some point if the heat ever ceases) and 3) I have been preparing for the annual event that is Cousin Camp.  This year we had 12 kids here for the weekend and our theme was College for Cousins. Our plan was to run camp like a pretend college, with 12 course offerings, student IDs, entrance exams, and uniforms. When the cousins arrived at camp they were each ceremoniously taken aside for their entrance exam. The exam consisted of 5 questions about our family (“what is John’s middle name?”, “which of your aunts and uncles went to UW?”, “what is the name of your cousin’s dog?”, etc.). Once they passed the test they were handed their “uniform” (their annual cousin camp t-shirt) and had to head over to get their pictures taken for their student ID. Once everyone had been registered for college we all headed inside for the traditional cousin camp lunch, a peanut butter bar with various types of peanut butter sandwiches (pb and banana, pb and nutella, pb and potato chips…).

The college theme was chosen as a sneaky way to avoid doing much prep work as we placed the bulk of that on other family members. We asked the grandparents and a few aunts and uncles to teach ‘classes’ at camp in whatever subject they wanted (well, sort of whatever they wanted… I tried to force my brother to teach cross stitch but he wouldn’t, I asked my etiquette-minded sister-in-law to teach table manners and she agreed). So, after lunch we had our first round of 20-minute classes, with our 12 campers broken up into 3 classes of 4 kids each.

My sister taught Silver Polishing 101 (really a sneaky way to get a tea set polished while presenting it as a learning opportunity)…

…and got shining results:

My brother (the one who refused to teach cross stitch) taught Intro to Bike Repair and showed the kids how to fix a leaky tire:

And my sister-in-law taught the kids some much needed table manners, as well as how to set the table:

Once a kid ‘passed’ a class they got one of the circles on the back of their shirt filled in with a symbol of the professor’s choosing (a bike wheel, a fork, etc):

The next two rounds of classes were taught by the eldest cousins. More on that tomorrow! I must now retreat to the coolness of the basement.


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  1. Huge thanks for posting – and kudos for pulling off another incredible cousin camp. Brilliant concept (college)! What memories you are facilitating for all involved. You are an inspiration….Enjoy some time to chill (pun intended).

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