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A while back my sister and I visited the lovely store Calamity Janes in Lake Mills and found a little sign that had the words “respect – tolerance – kindness – loyalty – hard work” on it. It was a cute little sign and I considered buying it until my sister and I were struck with the idea that we could make our own custom signs for our families. We were smitten with the idea that we could each have the same set of ‘commandments’ hanging in each of our houses so that the cousins would see that the same rules apply throughout the extended family. This was back in April. March? Who knows. A long time. Today, thanks to Pia and her awesome friends who played some complicated pretend game where they turned into various animals dependent upon which stuffed animal they touched, I had a stretch of time where I could paint. Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t home/didn’t answer the phone when I had the time to paint, so I hope these rules are okay with her. She may take issue with the fact that “nap every day” didn’t make the cut.

Pia and I constructed the ‘canvas’ two days ago. It was very complex. Scraps of wood in the garage and finishing nails. I pre-drilled holes and Pia pounded in the nails. And voila! Instant canvas. I used some rubber stamps that I had picked up at St. Vinny’s ages ago. The stamps were not a matching set, so the fonts are all over the place, but I think that lends the piece a bit of charm. Now if I get the go ahead from my sister I can make one for her as well.

What about you? If you had a set of family rules, what would they be?




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  1. Craig Gundersen

    Here is one set of possible rules:

    -treat others, especially strangers, with kindness
    -spend copious amounts of time relaxing with family and friends
    -in your work, equate marginal revenue to marginal costs

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