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i may be overlooking an excellent opportunity

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Back in May (June? April? this is what happens when I go into summer blogging hibernation) I painted these rocks inspired by an idea in the May 2011 issue of Family Fun. This was back in the days of after school surprises and this was one of the surprises (which went over like a lead balloon with Pia, but I still had a ball making them). I took ordinary flat stones and painted them glossy black to mimic river stones (as suggested in Family Fun) and then stamped white letters onto them (an added bonus, the paint was glow-in-the-dark, so in theory these glow at night but I have yet to remember to look at them at night… if I was ever up late enough to bother remembering). Tea and Pea were over that day (making it a happy day) and so, naturally, I made stones for them as well (I am a sucker for their cuteness). So each kid got their name in stones which they could then hide somewhere in the garden, staking their claim.

However, today as I walked by the stones for the zillionth time I realized I missed a golden opportunity. Instead of name stones, I should have made reminder stones which a kid would stumble upon in their daily wanderings around the yard. “Teeth brushed?” or “Stay Away!” (placed near my Japanese painted fern… the only plant in my garden that I care too much about) or “Ask Dad if we can get a dog”.

Of course, these would only work if my kid could read. Maybe I need to re-think my strategy.


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