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It seems that lately all my conversations with fellow moms have been about how to get our kids to behave. How to get them to stop doing this and start doing that and do this less and do that more. Maybe it is just because summer is coming to an end and school really needs to start, like, now. The thing about getting a kid to stop one thing or do something else is that everything comes in phases and there is no way to tell if what I’ve done has made an impact or if the phase has just run its course. Sigh.

My sister came to visit last week and she wanted to make marble jars as a reward system for her sons. The boys get marbles for good behavior and when the jar gets filled up they earn whatever it was that they were working for (this is a bit funny as the oldest son chose a trip to Chicago as his goal and the middle son chose to work towards a $20 bill… whatever works, I suppose). We painted their first initial on each jar and then added tags to the top so the boys could write their goal on them. I have no idea if the paint will last. Nor do I know if the reward system will work. Queen B, can we get an update? Are the boys into negative marbles yet?

I do think that my sister’s method stands a better chance of improving behavior than the current method I am employing with Pia. My method involves lots of sighing. I think it is mostly ineffective.


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