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this stopped the dog discussion for two whole days

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It is no secret that I would like a dog and that Pia thinks she would like a dog, but that Jim knows he does NOT want a dog. So Pia and I badger Jim on a nearly daily basis about the dog issue, which I’m sure Jim enjoys immensely. But last weekend the dog pleas came to a screeching halt with the arrival of Little Foot.

Yes, that’s right, we are now the proud owners of a hamster. I have never had a hamster and it turns out they are delightful. Cute. Furry. Funny antics. You can’t cuddle with them or pet them much or take them for long walks or tell them your innermost dreams and desires while they look at you with loving and knowing eyes, but other than that they are totally like dogs. Sarcasm aside, it is fun to have a new pet in the house, especially one that relishes our crude attempts at making our own hamster playgrounds. Give Pia and I an assortment of boxes and cardboard tubes, a pair of scissors and a roll of masking tape and we go wild. I mean, as wild as one can get with a pet that has to be played with in the bathtub for fear of it running away and a) never being found again or b) being caught by the cats.

We love Little Foot. But now back to the dog discussion…


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  1. Tea's and Pea's Nana

    o.k. — so this might not work since Pia doesn’t have siblings. But once upon a time long long ago, one of my brothers and I desperately wanted a dog. This brother and I had made a science out of bickering; we were both extremely good about knowing which buttons to push to get a reaction from the other. We ENJOYED it — a lot. It was entertainment! But our mother did not have the same appreciation, and kept pointing out that this situation was not conducive to sharing the chores associated with a dog. In a weak moment, she promised us a dog if we could stop bickering for 6 months. According to family legend, she also promised us a kangaroo, an elephant (I think a whole circus may have been mentioned).
    This story had a happy ending (for my brother and me anyway) — we actually managed to keep the peace for the required time (with one minor slip – but since she was so impressed that we confessed when we didn’t have to, she granted us amnesty). We got our dog. We’re still waiting for the elephant and kangaroo…

  2. Little Foot is cute, but tell Jim anyone who would allow a hamster and not a dog is insane.

    Did I ever tell you the story about my college roommate who brought a hamster home to our dorm room? It lasted 3 days (and LONG nights) of scratching and squeaking before I declared ENOUGH! It was fed (not by me) to the snake kept by one of the guys living downstairs.

    • My thoughts exactly (not about the feeding of the hamster to the snake, but the dog v. hamster thing). He can not take Little Foot on a 6-mile run like he could a dog. Unless he could somehow make a giant hamster/human wheel that they could run on together.

      • The picture in my head of hamster + Jim in a wheel is a nightmare similar to the picture I had after you told me the foot vs. duck story. There has to be a safer, yet equally ridiculous way for Jim to exercise LF. How about rigging up a wheel that he wears in the Ergo, hooked up to a fan that will cool his face as he runs?


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