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I made a big ceramic bird playing the piano in Mr. Hill’s art class in elementary school that I may have sort of just very recently let myself part with.  It sort of resembled a lumpy potato with a beak and wings and it had long spindly legs and real feathers sticking out of the top of it’s head.  It was the last art project from my school days in existence.

I have fond memories of many other projects we made in the 6 years he was our art teacher.   I also have fond memories of the smock my mom made for me to wear during art class.  It was an old dress shirt of my dad’s and my mom appliqued my name in colorful block letters across the back, shortened the sleeves and sewed elastic into the cuffs.

Tea’s school supply list included an “over-sized button-down shirt to use as an art smock”.  I wanted Tea to have a smock similar to mine.  The shorter, elastic-cuffed sleeves make it easier to keep from dragging them through paint.  The personalized name  is just fun.  I chopped the sleeves off of a shirt, sewed a wide hem, and fed some elastic through with a safety pin.  I can’t applique very well so I used freezer paper stencils to add his name to the back and a fire truck to the front pocket.

It’s not as awesome as the one in my memory, but Tea likes it enough that he told me he doesn’t want to get it dirty so he’s *not* going to wear it as a smock.  Hmm.  My plan seems to have backfired.  I hope he gets to create something as fun as my old ceramic bird whether he wears the smock of not.


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  1. I had the same reaction to mom’s smock for me that Tea had to his. I still wore it, and it got very dirty. Don’t worry. 🙂

  2. Love it!! Now… where is the picture of the ceramic bird? I am quite disappointed that was not included in the post 🙂

    • I actually do have a picture of the bird someplace but it’s on regular film from a million years ago – I must not have scanned it. Digging through shoeboxes for pictures is so 1985.

  3. oh my that is adorable!!


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