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Look out, Pia

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The boys are training hard!


wedding sewing

The daughter of Pia’s 4K teacher is getting married this October and she asked me to sew some things for her bridesmaids and other people who are helping at the wedding. As the date of the wedding is rapidly approaching I realized I sorta needed to get on it and finish up these projects. This morning I ironed and lint rolled and snipped loose threads. Then I set up a little photo booth to take pictures of the finished products. And, naturally, Haile (one of our cats) thought that all this cozy fabric goodness was for him to curl up in. Alas, so much for lint rolling.

The first thing I was asked to make were small drawstring bags to hold jewelry for the bridesmaids. The fabric felt a little plain to me, so I decided to dress it up by stenciling each bridesmaid’s first initial on the bag and adding a little rhinestone period after it. I lined the bags with white velvet so they will feel luxurious when someone reaches in to pull out their earrings. There were 12 little bags in total, but I sent the first batch to the bride before remembering to photograph them.  The colors of the wedding are eggplant, pewter, and ivory, but the eggplant color looks a little fuschia-ish in this photo:

The bridesmaids also each get a larger black drawstring bag to hold their shoes. I lined them with satin left over from the wedding dress my mom made for me.

For the two women who are doing readings at the wedding, I made tote bags in the wedding colors. Since these two women both teach at the same school I made each tote a little bit different. For the first one I used the Pleated Beauty pattern in Amy Karol’s book Bend the Rules Sewing. I added a pewter flower to dress it up a bit:

For the second tote I loosely followed the instructions for the pocket bag in Jocelyn Worrall’s book Simple Gifts to Stitch. I had made one of these for my mom a few years ago, and it is a fun concept, with big, tiered pockets on the outside of the bag. I lined it and added a fabric flower to match the other tote:

The bride also requested a little something for her sister-in-law-to-be, so we settled on a small make-up bag. This one I just winged, based on the few scraps I had left. I did some machine embroidery on the front, just like Amy Karol describes in the aforementioned book, and I added a little flower (I am now addicted to making these little fabric flowers, they are so much fun). I had some complicated plan to use magnets as the closure for this bag, but my several attempts to stitch them into the lining failed, so I ended up going with snaps. Sometimes you just have to let an idea go.

After looking at these photos I realize I need to learn how to iron things. Or maybe I need a new iron? I can’t seem to figure out the steam setting, maybe that is my problem. Among many.

Now I just have to finish the ring bearer pillow and adorn the flower girl basket and all these goodies can be sent off to the bride. Hooray!


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That wind I mentioned yesterday?

It apparently had a score to settle with the arbor.


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I love afternoons when the wind is whisteling outside and the boys’ naps go long.  What is it about sleepy dog paws that smells so wonderful?

lost. really lost.


The tooth that had been loose since early this summer finally fell out. Or, more accurately, fell in. One minute we were eating peaches and the next minute I look over and there is a big hole in Pia’s mouth. She had no idea, and the tooth was no where to be found, so she must have swallowed it. Luckily this little issue didn’t dampen her enthusiasm as she has been grinning and checking herself out in the mirror ever since it happened. A lost tooth is, apparently, a very big deal.

She finally got to use her tooth fairy pillow, leaving a note for the tooth fairy in the absence of an actual tooth. Now I am realizing why Robin is in denial about her children ever losing their teeth. It has nothing to do with them growing up, but everything to do with the fact that the tooth fairy leaves an enormous amount of glitter in her wake. She left a trail of glitter all the way from the window that she snuck in through, down the hall, over the bed, and into the pocket of the pillow. And tooth fairy glitter lasts for days. Robin, you have been warned.

We are now eagerly awaiting the departure of tooth #2, which is loose. But having one lost tooth under our belt I now know that it will take months before it actually falls out. Which is fine by me because I’m still getting used to Pia’s new big kid smile.

I’m glad it doesn’t rain every day

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The cuteness of their boots and raincoats is nearly unbearable.

Note to self: Tea is growing. Get bigger raincoat.

The replacement

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Last fall I spent a lovely afternoon photographing the boys in hand-knit hats.  Strangely, that was the last day we saw Tea’s red pointy hat. It disappeared off the face of the earth.

There was a cold morning last week when we needed hats on the walk to school.  Tea was very jealous that Pea had a hand-knit one and begged me to make him another one.  I found a cute pattern and let him pick the yarn.  With the exception of the band of linen-stitch, it knit up very quickly.  I’m happy with how it turned out and would knit this pattern again.  Maybe Pea needs a matching hat in a different color…

Now I just hope we don’t lose this one.

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