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Obligatory 1st day of 4k picture

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He told me he’d been awake since “before the sun”.  He beamed as he was served french toast on the bright red “You Are Special Today” plate.  He received a crisp new chapter book during breakfast – a much-loved tradition for the first day of school in my family.  He couldn’t have been more proud posing for a picture before walking down the street to school.

His back pack, bursting with supplies, got too heavy for him to carry the whole way.   The crossing guard helped us across the street.   He held my hand.  Once there, he was a little nervous, but he gave me a hug and a wave.

“What do you want to learn in school this year, Tea?”

“About fire trucks and doctors.”


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  1. You left out the important stuff. Did you cry?

  2. What more do you need to know then things about fire trucks and doctors? Or does he think that after 4K he will be qualified to be a doctor and drive a fire truck? Oh, and that picture is awesome. The light bouncing off your gleaming, freshly painted house? Priceless. Not to mention Tea’s smile. So unbelievably adorable. But then again he always is 🙂

  3. I cried! Wow, little Tea off to school already?!?! You are an amazing story teller Robin, I LOVE this post! and look at all that cuteness!! Hugs to Tea! Love, Sharon

  4. Love this! What a sweet pic and what a big boy Tea is! Glad you are off to a great start!
    (Also have to agree with Sharon – great at telling the story!) Sweet!

  5. So beautiful written, it made me cry!! He will have an awesome year!!


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