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Mad zinnia love

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I can’t stop.  They’re even pretty when crawling with Japanese beetles.  Kyle, please hide the camera if you want food or clean laundry.

What’s your favorite flower?



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  1. Zinnias are my favorite late summer flower, but my all time favorites are peonies. Lilacs are a close second. Great pictures!

    • Mmm, lilacs smell sooo good! If you lived closer I’d give you a peony or 12. You wouldn’t believe how many are in our yard, and they are each about the size of an ostrich.

  2. oh my goodness you are killing me. these are incredible pics! the first one reminds me of that felt flower pin that was floating around all the blogs last year. surely you know what i am talking about, right? i mean, since we share a brain? my favorite flower, hands down is a gladiola. though really i should give the top honors to my coneflowers because they are such all star performers, never asking for anything from me.

    • Thanks. =) I must have missed the felt flower pin on the Internets. I think you frequent the sewing sites more than I do. Do you grow any glads in your garden? Or is it time to dig up some more grass?

      • um, always time to dig up more grass! though this time it is for the Great Black Eyed Susan Transplant of 2011. Jim’s grandma always gives me glad bulbs for my birthday and I just sneak them in around all the other plants since I like them for cutting anyway. I am making you a big felt flower pin for your birthday and i am going to force you to wear it. when i think robin, i think big flower pins. they are so you.

        • Black-eyed Susans are nearly as awesome as zinnias. Fun! Are you acquiring more or moving some around?

          Oh you know me so well. I have never felt like a truly complete person and I’m sure it’s because I don’t have a big felt flower pin.

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