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Thresheree in pictures

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steam tractors

steam threshing looks like hard work

The highlight of the Thresheree for Tea and Pea was riding the Rock River Cannon Ball steam engine train

Tea's ticket said shooting buffaloes from the train was prohibited

Shoveling coal on the train, or, Why our faces were full of soot after the train ride

soot on Tea's face from the train ride

A few of the ninety zillion tractors on display

Making sorghum syrup

An oil drum train for the wee ones

Tea and Pea enjoyed their ride

Tea loved pulling Pea along the kiddie track with the rope

Steam tractor


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  1. This place looks great! where is it?

  2. It’s in rural Edgerton (between Madison and Janesville).

    They have the thresheree every Labor Day weekend. I never thought I’d associate tractors with the holiday weekend, but I’ve now spent 3 of the last 4 Labor Days here. Hmm, I must have little boys… =P

  3. Oh, THAT kind of thresheree. I was thinking of the other kind. hee, hee 🙂


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