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Evidence of little boys

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In case the commotion, sticky kisses, mess of toys, laughter, piles of laundry, and the two noisy turkeys themselves don’t remind me, I occasionally find random evidence around my house that points to the existence of little boys.  I often stumble upon these common objects left in uncommon places when the boys are not in the vicinity.  Finding the treasures they leave behind makes me smile.

a tower of stools in the driveway

a lizard in the door hinge

a "campfire" on an overturned bike

walnuts left to be "cleaned" in a bucket

a pinecone hanging from the wash line

a misplaced sticker


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  1. Love this post!!! So sweet 🙂


    Hysterical and a great idea to photographically (is that even a word) document it! If it’s any consolation I can tell you girls (or a certain little girl I know) gets up to the same fun stuff!


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