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A few months ago Pia bit into an apple and yelped in pain. I thought to myself, she’s only five, she couldn’t possibly have a loose tooth. But sure enough, it was wiggly. As this was the first loose tooth in our family I didn’t know what to expect and thought it would fall out mere days later. I scrambled to make a tooth fairy pillow, scrapping my desire to make this super awesome one, and instead went the more basic route in my misguided crunch for time.

Well, as it turns out it, takes months for a tooth to go from wiggly to falling out. Who knew? So we are still waiting and Pia’s tooth is now completely useless as it flops around in her mouth hanging by a string. But the pillow stands at attention, ready to be called into service at a moment’s notice. And in the mean time I have gathered very valuable information about the tooth fairy. Like that she often leaves microscopic notes for the tooth-loser. And that her payment varies based on how valuable the tooth is. Molars fetch a high price, as does the first tooth lost, but other teeth are typically in the fifty-cent to dollar range… at least in this part of the country. I can only assume that teeth with cavities go for much less.


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  1. Such a sweet pillow!

    This might be an appropriate loose-tooth-treat. It was my all time favorite book as a young child. I think because there was chocolate pudding involved! 🙂

  2. I am in total denial this will ever happen to my children.

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