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Arts and crafts enjoy a high level of importance in our house. Really, our family rules sign should have included “be crafty”. Not a day goes by when we aren’t painting or sewing or cutting or gluing or sawing or folding or the like. So, naturally, we were very excited about Pia’s first day of school art, exciting for many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that art at her school had been cut a few years back and had finally re-emerged. Thursday is the day she has art at school and in anticipation of this event Pia wore her “I love art” socks, a gift from her grandparents (her grandpa is an art education professor). Now, trying to find out from Pia what actually happens at school is a bit like art itself… you have to be creative, use different tools, if something doesn’t work at first you try a different method. I asked her what she did in art class and the response was completely indecipherable. But she was able to show me her first bit of artwork from the class. Are you ready?

Apparently it is a tower. I am crossing my fingers that this was part of a larger project. Otherwise we have problems.


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  1. Believe it or not, this is far beyond what Tea has created in school so far. Although I have seen Pia’s awesome drawing talent so I suppose it’s more troubling for you. Tea has never really shown any desire to draw anything. I would assume the tower is laying some sort of groundwork for a tower or AWESOMENESS in the future. Right?

  2. I love the color Pia! Looks like ice cream- thats on my mind a lot lately.

  3. Ha! I think you might not be surprised to realize that your projects are going to bring out the best in your young arty kids. And, where on earth did those socks come from. I want!

    • The awesome socks came from Gymboree, now on clearance for $2.49… i’m thinking i should buy a dozen. If only they came in adult sizes!


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