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Tea has been begging to learn how to write the letters of his name for a few months.  He practices on every scrap of paper he can find.  If asked to draw a picture, he will write a large “T” and “h”. All of the “art” he’s brought home from school has been the letters of his name scattered over the page, written backwards and forwards.  “What is that?”  I ask him.  “A zoo.  See the cage for the tigers?”  Uh huh.  Right.  He’s totally obsessed with his name.  He’s also really excited to have made the connection that his name is very similar to his birth mother’s name.  Finally this weekend he wrote his entire name unassisted.  He is so proud.

Thank goodness he’s in school now, because I do not have the patience to teach him this sort of thing.  Teaching him those 5 letters was almost the end of me.  He’s a perfectionist and while I praised his efforts, he can see that his letters don’t look quite like mine and he gets easily frustrated that they aren’t perfect on his first try.  Heaven help me if Pea wants to do this – his name has 8 letters.  I could never, ever homeschool my kids.  I thank my lucky stars we have a great public school that will teach them for me.

Hopefully the one and only "academic" thing I will ever teach my child


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  1. Aww that’s gorgeous. Wait til you find it drawn on the wall. 🙂

  2. You? Raising a perfectionist? How did that happen? 🙂 But seriously, awesome job, Tea. And even awesom-er job, Robin, because I know it caused you a thousand little deaths inside. Oh, and isn’t this incentive to change Pea’s name to his nickname officially? Because three letters is hard to beat 🙂

    • I have no idea of what perfectionism you speak. =) And believe me, I have thought of Pea’s nickname. But forget that. As of today, his name is going to be Ed. Adoption finalization is next week – we can make it official!


    Look at that proud face! Congrats Tea!

  4. Congrats Tea!! Beautiful writing!


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