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Drat – already?

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I didn’t want to take any chances with what’s left of the garden, so I picked the last of the peppers, all of the semi-ripe tomatoes, and the remaining squash this afternoon.  We’ll probably be spared but it’s very chilly and the counties around us have frost advisories tonight.  It’s only September 14.  This is earlier than usual, right?  Hopefully things will warm up a bit and I’ll squeak a few more weeks out of the pepper and tomato plants.  I’m not ready to go back to grocery store produce yet.

These guys may never fulfill their destiny

Thai, banana, and bell peppers.

I've never tried fried green tomatoes. Time to start looking for recipes.


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  1. Robin – Good news. If serious frost comes, you can pick all your green tomatoes & lay them on newspaper on a flat/box. I put mine on top of the fridge, but a sunny spot might be nice, too. We’ve eaten these slowly-ripening tomatoes through the end of December.


    beautiful images!

  3. We put green tomatoes in som tum (papaya salad) instead of red ones. So if you need to use some right away and don’t wanna wait for them to ripen. Looks like you have plenty of thai chilis to make it!


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