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While I’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seat to see more pictures from the Sheep and Wool Festival, I thought I’d build some suspense and post about our hike on Sunday first.  We took the boys around the Scuppernong Springs nature trail, a 1.5 mile loop in the beautiful southern Kettle Moraine state forest.

We hiked this trail once before when we camped nearby with Courtney, Jim and Pia, about 47 years ago when the kids were younger.  I seem to remember that Tea was still in diapers, so it must have been 2009?  Is that possible?  Help me out Courtney.  Clearly we don’t go camping enough.

The boys loved their walking sticks and stuffed their pockets full of nuts and leaves they found along the way.  I was more interested in the bugs.  Why do I seem to have a bug fascination this summer?  I have no idea.

What are those guys?

The best part of the hike were the multiple springs where we watched ice-cold water bubble up through the sand.  At first, the boys were content to observe from a distance.

But then, not thinking, I told Tea that he’d dabbled his feet in a spring here when he was a baby.  That was the beginning of the end.

It wasn’t long before they were up to their knees in the ice cold water.  It was a warm day, and they didn’t seem to mind the water temperature.

Of course, Tea tripped and ended up completely immersed.   After the shock wore off, he decided that he liked the frigid swimming, but we couldn’t let him get hypothermia, so we pulled them out, stripped off some of their clothes, and hiked back to the car.  Pea got a ride for the last quarter mile since he was down to diapers and had already walked his limit.

Soggy, happy hikers

It was a beautiful little hike.  You should check it out if you’re in Southern Wisconsin.  What are your favorite places to go hiking?


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    What is it with kids and water, even if it is -50! Love these pictures especially the one with their sticks, such boys and beautiful brothers!

  2. Yes, it was indeed 47 years ago when we went camping there. It was 2009, because 2008 was our expedition to Mirror Lake when the kids were so tiny they fit in our pockets. And we don’t go camping nearly enough… mostly because I have thrown down my camping manifesto which is something like “never again!” But Scuppernong really is the perfect place to hike… as long as you don’t have to sleep in a tent afterwards. 🙂

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