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Our family is knee deep in a kitchen remodel. It started back in July at the end of a long weekend when Jim decided to rip up the old linoleum. And from there things just snowballed and cabinets were ripped out and the floor plan switched around a bit and right now there are not one, but two fridges in the kitchen (this is, I assure you, a temporary set up). The project should be done next month, at which point I will have lovely before and after pictures to share. But in the mean time I will just share little kitchen items with you.

Our kitchen is a cozy 11 x 9 feet so every square inch counts. Especially now that we have added a breakfast nook within the original footprint. All the items in our kitchen are going through a rigorous round of questioning. What is your function? Can another tool do your job just as well? Do you take up space that is proportional to the amount of happiness that you provide? Have you been used in the past month? Can you be stored in a fashion that elevates the aesthetics of the space? As you would expect, some kitchen gadgets failed this round of testing. Waffle Iron? Gone! Duplicate liquid measuring cup? Out! Mis-matched mixing bowls that don’t nest nicely? Away with you! Blender that refuses to crush ice? You have no excuse for this poor performance!! But other items surprised us in their responses and did manage to make it past the first round of cuts. For example, the krumkake iron, used a mere one time a year for making Christmas cookies passed through to the next round because it exudes happiness. After all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without an evening spent making krumkake and listening to Bruce Springsteen. And the pasta maker also passed with flying colors because making noodles is a favorite father-daughter activity around here.

Now I am taking a closer look at all the items that passed round one. For example, a lovely wooden serving tray. Extremely useful and often used. Carries happiness on its back. No other tool can do its job nearly as well. But it is bulky, and space is at a premium. So, I flipped it over and treated it like a blank canvas. After adding some pretty scrapbook paper, letter stickers, and a liberal amount of some paper glaze that smelled pretty toxic, I ended up with a little piece of artwork. Now it hangs from a hook on our chalkboard where it reminds us of the primary function of the kitchen (“gin kaao” means “eat” in Thai… or more literally “eat rice”). Where it once had a solitary function (and often got in the way when it was left out on the countertop because there was no good place to store it) it now has two. 1. Transport food to alternate locations and 2. Look pretty while it rests. And I like that it has its very own home now, a hook on the wall.

Next step, prettying up the light switch covers so that I don’t have to photoshop them out in future photos. Hee, hee.


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  1. Ha ha. That is hysterical that you blurred the light switch. Nice tray prettification.
    I still cannot believe you ditched a waffle iron. Waffles are one of the best foods ever.

  2. I was surprise about ditching the waffle iron as well. My kids would never let me do that. But, as I was reading your criteria for keep or ditch, I realized I think my boys would end up in the ditch pile, along with the waffle iron. Free to a good home? Of course, i’m kidding, before you send child social services over to my house.

  3. Here is my issue with waffle irons: waffles and pancakes are essentially the same thing (I know Robin disagrees with me on this point, but the ingredients are the same); they are impossible to clean and get this totally gross sludge on them; not having a waffle iron frees me up to fully savor waffles when mom makes her awesome breakfasts at the homestead (this is much like Craig not eating/making o’henry bars other than when in Madison).

    Queen B: surely George wouldn’t end up in the ditch pile? Just Si and Hank? 🙂

  4. I bought a krumkake iron at a rummage sale 2 summers ago – still haven’t used it. Where’s my Norwegian blood? This Christmas, I must commit. I keep thinking I should just move it on. . .I saw soooooo many blenders at Deerfield rummage sales last weekend. Love your elimination process. I’m working hard at “culling” around the house these days, too. Will look forward to seeing the “new” kitchen!


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