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who knew gaudy metallic foil could be SO much fun?


When I am visiting my parents I always take a stroll through their basement to see what craft goodies I can steal. Their basement is a craft supply wonderland. Any description I conjure up here would fail to do it justice. It is really something one needs to experience for themselves. It is so amazing that I have given my mom strict orders to never get rid of anything (sorry, dad). Anyway, last spring I was on one of my tour de basements and came upon this iron-on metallic foil. It was unbelievably gaudy and I tsk-d, tsk-d at it in sympathy as one of those craft supplies that should never have been. But then I went home and the next day Pia’s 4K teacher asked me to sew some stuff for a castle theme and I realized I had passed up the perfect material. Shiny? Metallic? Gaudy? Cut-able into any shape imaginable? It was perfect for making capes and crowns and anything and everything royal. So I called my mom and asked her to send me the metallic foil that I had made fun of. Since then I have come to love the stuff and am sad to say that it is nearly gone.

While perusing a Chasing Fireflies catalog I came across this shirt. It was a shirt that used metallic foil!!! I wasn’t crazy in my new love!! So I copied their idea, except instead of a blue bird I went with pink flamingo. I took one of Pia’s shirts from the ‘this is stained, what can I do to fix it’ pile (which is way, way too tall) and cut out an assortment of shapes from the scraps of (my rapidly depleting stash of) metallic foil that I assembled into a flamingo-ish shape. Would it have helped to look at a picture of a flamingo? Probably. Would it have helped to use a pattern of some sort? Probably. But who has the time?




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  1. If I tried to freehand cut pieces to make a flamingo, it would look like a deranged alien giraffe. And also? I need spell-check to spell giraffe. And deranged.


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