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Last fall I spent a lovely afternoon photographing the boys in hand-knit hats.  Strangely, that was the last day we saw Tea’s red pointy hat. It disappeared off the face of the earth.

There was a cold morning last week when we needed hats on the walk to school.  Tea was very jealous that Pea had a hand-knit one and begged me to make him another one.  I found a cute pattern and let him pick the yarn.  With the exception of the band of linen-stitch, it knit up very quickly.  I’m happy with how it turned out and would knit this pattern again.  Maybe Pea needs a matching hat in a different color…

Now I just hope we don’t lose this one.

(Raveled here.)


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  1. Oh my word and honor, that last picture is priceless! I really, really like Tea’s new hat. That’s some serious Etsy material there.

  2. oh my goodness, where to start? first, i need a close up of the top of the hat. second, you are unbelievable, that hat is gorgeous. third, never, ever let him wear it anywhere but your backyard because i will cry for you if you lose. fourth, perhaps you could make a hat chain for it, like the mitten chains that connect mittens to coats? fifth, please knit pia a hat. stat. 🙂

  3. That is such a FAB hat!! And I love the pictures of your boys, they are so cute!! As always…

  4. I LOVED that red hat! Good thing I live States away or I may have been a suspect for it’s disapearance! I love these new one’s tio, it has to be the cutest hat design ever! Oh, and your photo’s kill me! They are all American, brotherly love, best friends with a cse of michief thrown in for good measure, seriously awesome pictures. I really love that last one too.

  5. Oh, and as you can clearly see, I can’t spell!

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