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I love afternoons when the wind is whisteling outside and the boys’ naps go long.  What is it about sleepy dog paws that smells so wonderful?


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  1. Mmm. Sleepy dog paws. I think they smell like popcorn…

  2. You have confirmed my suspicion, that you do have your camera surgically attached to your hand. How else to explain that you were able to take this picture without getting up to get the camera, thus disturbing the dog?
    Oh, and I totally agree with the dog smell thing. Makes me wistful.

    • “Kyle, grab my camera for me please? And take away my tea?”
      “Kyle, can you move your pillow? It’s in my shot.”
      “Kyle, could you take your phone off that couch? I can see it, too.”
      “No, wait, Kyle. Don’t sit there. I don’t have the right angle yet. Can you sit on the kids’ chair over there until I’m finished? Thanks. You’re the best.”
      “OK, you can take my camera and sit anywhere you like now.”

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