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lost. really lost.


The tooth that had been loose since early this summer finally fell out. Or, more accurately, fell in. One minute we were eating peaches and the next minute I look over and there is a big hole in Pia’s mouth. She had no idea, and the tooth was no where to be found, so she must have swallowed it. Luckily this little issue didn’t dampen her enthusiasm as she has been grinning and checking herself out in the mirror ever since it happened. A lost tooth is, apparently, a very big deal.

She finally got to use her tooth fairy pillow, leaving a note for the tooth fairy in the absence of an actual tooth. Now I am realizing why Robin is in denial about her children ever losing their teeth. It has nothing to do with them growing up, but everything to do with the fact that the tooth fairy leaves an enormous amount of glitter in her wake. She left a trail of glitter all the way from the window that she snuck in through, down the hall, over the bed, and into the pocket of the pillow. And tooth fairy glitter lasts for days. Robin, you have been warned.

We are now eagerly awaiting the departure of tooth #2, which is loose. But having one lost tooth under our belt I now know that it will take months before it actually falls out. Which is fine by me because I’m still getting used to Pia’s new big kid smile.


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  1. Oh HELL no! Any glitter-sprinkling fairy who dares show up at my house will be squashed flat with my shoe, fairy-organ-stains be damned. Glitter doesn’t last for days but DECADES! I suspect Pia know this and that’s why she’s pouting.

    Love that hole in her smile. 🙂

  2. If thats how you feel you would love this book

    Its about a little girl who slams fairies in between the pages of her journal and then writes about them on the opposite side. Truly an amusing read


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