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Look out, Pia

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The boys are training hard!


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  1. I’m glad to see they are putting in the necessary training. The field of competitors will be tough, including one 2nd grader who is wicked fast. Good, too, that they are training in jeans which is like resistance training. Then when they put on their singlets and running shorts and spikes for race day they will be able to shave minutes off their times. 🙂

    (As a side note, I’m mildly concerned that Pia will come in last at her birthday race, so if Pea could take it upon himself to bring up the rear, it would be greatly appreciated.)

    • They will run the race barefoot, actually. 😉

      Don’t actually worry about Pia being last – Pea hangs out half-way through each lap for about 12 years. He won’t finish in time for bed.

  2. Is she having a sport themed party? Sounds cute! Is she loving school? Can’t wait to see you guys again!

    • Hi Hannah! She is having a running party (her request) and they are going to run a 400 meter race. She is so not loving school, but we are working on it. Sigh. Thank god it’s the weekend!


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