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Somewhere in the world are some very disappointed folks who were led to our blog by confused search engines.  Here are some of the more baffling search terms that brought them here:
  • cream cheese bagels for kyle please – This is interesting because my Kyle refuses to eat cream cheese.  I don’t think I’ve ever said “please” or “thank-you” to Google.  Would it make me bagels if I was more polite?  In college, we routinely demanded Kyle’s voice-activated computer make us toast but Gillian never did.
  • animal with one leg – The thought of one-legged animals hopping around, off-balance, makes me sad, so I definitely wouldn’t blog about them.  Except that now I just did.  So was this searcher from the future!?!?
  • pics of cartoon children who stay in seat – This searcher was wise  – real children are incapable of this feat.
  • kiss the mystery animal – Now I’m scared about the prospect of Mystery Animal Kissing games in basements across the country.  Are people blindfolded?  Do they just peck on the cheek?  What if the animal has no cheek?  Where would you kiss a hermit crab?
  • people wearing pillow pet hat frogs – While Courtney’s pillow pet is adorable, I don’t think wearing it on my head would be the look I’m going for.  Then again, I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion.  Perhaps Courtney should consider opening a PPHB (Pillow Pet Hat Boutique) on Etsy.
  • what do reindeer eat – While I am an expert on reindeer diet, I was saving the topic for the up-coming holiday season.
  • карман настенный  – Hmmm, we don’t speak Russian.
  • ptič pobarvanka – We also don’t speak Slovenian.
  • slowest one can pedal a bike bike – Was this person looking for an actual speed?  Because from experience I know it’s 3 miles an hour.  Unless a bike bike is different than a bike.
  • knitting how to shape a half circle – Please let me know if you figure this out.  I’d like to know, too.
  • how to wear a red backpack – Finally, someone came to the right place.  Although one does wonder: would you wear a backpack differently if it was purple?

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  1. You know the funniest thing? now anyone who searches those things WILL find your blog AND the phrases. 🙂 Love it!!!

  2. How funny! I have a post just like this in my drafts. Some of mine are hilarious, too!

  3. yeah some are so funny! today I had one “beautiful world in existence” that somehow lead the person to my blog (?) … I told my husband and he said ” aww that’s nice” LOL


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