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I guess we’ll have a picnic lunch today

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I finished knitting my first shawl last night and was eager to block it.  Blocking smooths out stitches and makes the project conform to the correct size and shape.  There are several different methods, but I wet blocked this project and pinned it to my Super Official Alphabet Blocking Mat.  Don’t tell me serious knitters don’t use kid toys for blocking.  I can’t be the first person to do this.

Basically, the shawl went from looking like a small mangled jellyfish to looking like a large shawl.



I used to think I wasn’t a shawl person, but it was embarrassingly exciting to see the transformation of the lace pattern as I pinned it out.  Maybe I will try this again sometime.


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  1. Very pretty! I don’t know whether I’m a shawl person or not. I can’t decide if I’d wear one enough to justify all that knitting time. You’ll have to let me know if you like wearing it.

    • This one isn’t for me, so I can’t say. But I *do* wear scarves inside a lot. So I think I’d wear one. I prefer rectangular shawls or at least the ones without lots of points. The pointy ones often look weird to me. This one was could at least be blocked roundish.

  2. Beautiful color! Yowza 😉

  3. a query: how do you have the patience to do a lace patterns, but not to do puzzles with kids? 🙂 i am totally opposite, i have no patience for lace. i guess it just proves that together we are the perfect person. hee, hee.

    the first pic looks like a strong man showing off his biceps.

    • I don’t have the patience to watch people struggle with things I understand or see the solution for. I could never, ever, ever be a teacher. It would drive me *insane*. This is clearly not one of my more admirable qualities.

  4. oh, and i just got the title. takes me awhile. very funny.


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