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This summer my friend’s sister got married, and, being from a big family, she asked all 10 of her nieces to be flower girls. Three girls were told to wear pink, three yellow, and four green… in any style dress they wanted. Somehow I convinced my friend to let me make dresses for 3 of the 4 green girls. We conducted an expedition to the fabric store, chose a couple patterns that we liked elements from, and found some awesome glitter-y green fabric. I told the girls I would make their dresses only if they agreed to a photo shoot of the dresses once they were done. So, three months after the wedding, on a gorgeous fall weekend, we finally headed out for a photo shoot.


Pia wasn’t a flower girl in the wedding, but I had enough fabric left over that I made her a simpler version of the dresses I made for the other girls. K and J (below, on swings), cousins who are also very good friends, wanted matching dresses… and ruffles. I wasn’t entirely sure how to do ruffles, but figured it out as I went along. I went the bubble ruffle route, which allowed me to fold under a big hem on each tier and attach it to the bottom skirt. That way I didn’t have to mess with a fussy hem, because each seam was hidden under the next ruffle up. I now think all skirts should be bubble skirts.


E, the older cousin/sister went with a more streamlined look. I used McCalls pattern 5574, but true to my hack sewing skills, this dress needed the most modifications. I seem to be pattern-challenged, and do better when I can just wing it.  I love the look of the simple belt ‘buckle’. After spending much too much time trying to find the perfect belt buckle online, I ended up making a buckle by wrapping fabric around 3 of Pia’s thin, cheap, metal, dress-up bracelets. Love it when a simple solution like that can work.

My favorite shot of the girls is this last one. I call it the Greg Erzen shot (a boy in high school we all had a crush on… one day we saw him leaning up against the side of the school, one leg up, letter jacket draped over one shoulder… the image was forever burned in my memory). I told them to look bored and sullen. Pia nailed the look.



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  1. They turned out very cute but boy is it a good thing we’re having July in October this year – they would’ve been mighty cold modeling these in the snow!

  2. Is this the Greg Erzen from Madison, WI? My friends and I would talk about this guy also… He was like Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell…..


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