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Happy Halloween

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Tea and Pea have been begging to carve their pumpkins and we finally got around to it Sunday afternoon.  Putting the boys on the dining room table during pumpkin de-gutting was the perfect way to contain the mess.  Tea made up a song that he sang as he worked.

“Everywhere you go…there’s pumpkins.  Everywhere you go…there’s pumpkins.  Everywhere you go…there’s pumpkins.  It is Halloween.  Have a happy Halloween.”  (repeat 87 times)

After we finished scooping seeds, Kyle cleaned up the boys and they ran off to play.  I tried calling them back to draw faces for me to carve and they stared at me blankly.  They thought “carving pumpkins” was just removing the seeds.  I guess we didn’t get around to this last year as we’d been home from Thailand for only 2 days at Halloween.

Tea did draw a face on his pumpkin once I explained the plan better.  He was so excited to see them glowing with candles.

“Mama, our pumpkins are friends.  Look how happy they are.  It’s because mine is friends with yours, and yours is friends with mine.  They are so happy to be friends.”

Happy Halloween, friends.


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  1. Happy Halloween to you too! Love the boys outfit!! And the weather seemed to be OK compared to some of the US areas like NY and CT!


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