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Fancy new birthday toy!

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Kyle and I don’t buy birthday presents for each other.  We’re not that into “stuff” in general, hate shopping, and neither one of us likes the idea of buying something just because of a date on the calendar.  That’s not to say we don’t treat ourselves to special things sometimes, it just doesn’t usually match up with a birthday.  That made my birthday 2 years ago a huge surprise when Kyle bought me my DSLR camera.  He knew I wanted one but we hadn’t gotten around to researching them and making a final decision.  It was completely unexpected and so, so dearly appreciated.  (He may possibly be sick of hearing me thank him repeatedly.)

I have used my camera nearly every day for 2 years, and while I’ll never be a professional photographer like I’d dreamed of as an 8 year old, I truly enjoy taking pictures.  It’s my main creative outlet.  I read and fiddle a lot, and am always looking forward to learning something new.

I don’t think that better gear equals better pictures unless you’ve really mastered what you’ve got at your disposal (and I have certainly not).  The thought of another camera hasn’t entered my brain.  So imagine my surprise when I opened my birthday present from Tea yesterday morning and received another camera.  “Mama, I KNEW you’d love it!  I KNEW it!”  He was so profoundly excited to give me something I’m passionate about, he was bouncing out of his chair.  Oh, how I love my sweet boy.  I am one very, very lucky birthday girl.


Edited to add: Tea just informed me I posted the photo upside down – the square is the tripod.  See?  I have so much more to learn.






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  1. I hear that paper cameras are all the rage. Tea is clearly on the cutting edge of the photography industry 🙂

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