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A running party for the new 6-year-old

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Pia turned 6 forever ago. Well, really only 3 weeks ago but I feel like several decades have passed since then. Alas, I figured I should write about her 6th birthday before she turns 7. All the photos here were taken by the lovely Robin. She kindly agreed to take pictures for me on the day of the party so I could focus on more mundane things like not losing other people’s children. Also, I may have broken Jim’s camera so I am afraid to ever take pictures again. (To clarify, the camera was broken, I’m not sure who is to blame but it is most likely me. Now that it has a new lens and works again I am afraid to touch it.) Anyway, here it is, a little replay of the day:

1. I made Pia a shirt with a ‘6’ on it to find on the morning of her birthday. This was, of course, made with metallic foil because I adore it. I’m not entirely sure how Pia feels about these homespun clothes. When I went to school to bring in her birthday treat I found her still wearing her coat… despite having been at school for 6 hours. She lets me know her opinion on everything else, would she really not tell me she didn’t like the homemade clothes just to spare my feelings? Hmmm.

2. For some reason I thought tie-dying shoelaces inside with a gaggle of children would be a good idea. My premise was that the dye in question was made with kool-aid, so how bad could it be?

3. When Pia told me she wanted a running party for her birthday I thought easy! until I realized we couldn’t just have the kids run laps for an hour, eat cake, and then send them home. After I realized I had to beef up the itinerary I decided to have them do an obstacle course. I had intended to have the obstacle course outside, but the weather was crazy windy that day so it had to be in our house. As luck would have it, the floor in our kitchen hadn’t been installed yet, so as one of the obstacles I drew letter lily pads on the kitchen floor and had them jump from circle to circle.

4. Jim led the kids in some relay baton exercises, some warm-up stretches and then it was time for the big race, the Pia 6K (really just a big lap around the soccer field at school). Amazingly no one was hurt in the rush to get off the starting line. Jim had leftover race numbers from the school 5K in the spring, so the kids got to wear ‘real’ race numbers.

5. After the race was done I gave each of the kids a medal with m&ms inside, just like these from light blue grey. (If you don’t read her blog, you should, she makes beautiful things.) Since the race took all of 2 minutes we had lots of extra time on our hands so the kids got to play at the playground for a while. Which made me realize that I didn’t need to plan a party at all. Just bring ’em to the playground and they are all smiles. They made up some complicated alien game where people were safe if they were on the blue igloo or something like that. All I know is there was lots of happy squealing and chasing each other about.

6. After a pizza dinner we ended with the traditional birthday cake in our house: Zebra Cake.


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  1. Craig Gundersen

    Perhaps the shirt was not the issue but rather she didn’t want to draw attention to herself. Lisa made cookies for Faith to bring to her class for her birthday but she neglected to give them to the teacher to give out for that reason. Those modest Gundersen grandchildren!

    See you soon!

    • Craig, you were spot on. I told Pia the cookies story and asked her if that is how she felt about her shirt and she replied “i didn’t want the other kids to be jealous” of the fact it was her birthday. Is it the norwegian in these grandkids that make them this way? 🙂

  2. What is Zebra cake?

    • Ah, Hannah. Zebra cake is all things good in one dessert. A google search informed me that “zebra cake” is the british term for what the americans call “icebox cake”. We are so british here 🙂 Growing up we always had zebra cake as our birthday cake and I’m continuing the tradition with Pia.

  3. Congratulations to Pia!! What a fun party!! And I love the Zebra Cake!! Fun tradition!


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