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The very real dangers of photography

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I grabbed my camera instead of my keys for the walk to school.  These 2 items do not have interchangeable functions.

(Thank you, Bonny.)


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  1. Tea's and Pea's Nana

    There is something oozing out of your door!!

    Hope you didn’t have to break a window.


  2. That would be the 30 year old weather stripping. It’s not doing anything anymore and I keep thinking about removing it, but I only remember it as we’re leaving the house, so it’ll never happen.

    Thankfully, we caught our neighbor on her way out the door to work and borrowed her spare key. One minute later and Kyle would have had to rescue us.

  3. You don’t have a key hidden somewhere? That’s living dangerously. I always have at least one ever since I locked myself out while babysitting a couple of kids in MT. I had to bust into my house by bypassing the lock with my credit card. Probably not the lesson their mom wanted me to teach them…

  4. Now really, which would you rather be stuck without, your camera or your keys? Your keys can’t capture priceless moments, like the expression on your kids faces when they realize they are locked out of their house. 🙂


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