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Sewing for the Season

The holiday season is upon us and I have high hopes for all the things I want to sew and craft before Christmas rolls around. This happens every year and then the 24th rolls around and I’m frantically trying to finish things up and I find myself wondering what I have done with my time. But not this year (she says with completely misled optimism)! Enter the November/December Sewing Club to the rescue!! I am scheduling one project per Wednesday sewing club. I am hoping that by scheduling the projects in advance and the knowledge that other club members might be joining in the fun, I won’t be so quick to dismiss my evening plans and curl up on the couch with my laptop and Glee. So here it is, the holiday schedule:

November 16th: Anthropologie-inspired Letter Ornaments. Great for hanging on the tree or adorning gifts. If you are attending sewing club this week I have lots of sweater scraps for this project, but if you have a specific fabric/felted sweater you want to use, bring it along! Also, if you want to make sweater mittens or a sweater bag (like the picture above) I can help you with that project as well.

November 23rd: No Sewing Club, Thanksgiving

November 30th: Yarn wrapped beer bottles and yarn wrapped letters. I’ve got bottles and yarn, but if you want a specific color of yarn, bring it along!

December 7th: Tree cookie letter magnets. I’m thinking I’ll do sight words instead of letters. Be sure to let me know if you’ll be attending this club meeting so I can have enough ‘cookies’ cut.

December 14th: Braided scarf and t-shirt scrap scarf. I have some jersey fabric, but if you want to feature a fun t-shirt of your own bring it along! 

December 21st: Drawstring gift bags, to put all your finished homemade goodies in!

Let the holiday fun begin!!


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