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This post might make the boys cut all ties with me once they are old enough to navigate the internet on their own, but I’ll ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

Searching  for sources of amusement for Tea and Pea, Grandma Cookie was rooting around the 2nd floor of her mother’s house.  Tea and Pea couldn’t bear to wait for her to emerge from the upstairs, so they joined her.  Kyle, his grandmother and I waiting downstairs, listening to the giggles, wondered what was going on.

We didn’t have to wait long.  The boys came down the stairs in “hats” that Kyle’s grandmother had fashioned out of pipe cleaners many, many, many decades ago, for her young daughters to wear to church.

I don’t know if I’m more amazed that they wore them to church or that they still exist.  If I asked the boys to wear something like that on their heads for more than 3 minutes they’d be dismantled and refashioned into some other contraption.

The boys thought they were awesome and begged for more silly things to model for us.

So started the parade of hats.

Great grandpa's hat had cool feathers

A French Pea and "beekeeper" Tea

Kyle’s grandmother was amazed at all of  the treasures being discovered in her house, Kyle was snapping pictures with his phone, and I was laughing so hard I was crying.  Then Pea came downstairs, all smiles, in a full length white lace gown and white veil.  Kyle’s mom’s 1st communion dress.  Oh.  My.  Pea was one proud peacock to show off his new dress.  Tea did not like all the attention his little brother was getting and insisted on having a chance to wear the dress also.  So he did.  For the record, all of this was Grandma Cookie’s doing;  Kyle and I were helpless bystanders.

The pictures of the boys in the dress are so hysterical they should come with a warning for people with heart conditions.  Unfortunately, they just might cross the line into unforgivable territory so I won’t post them here.  Besides, I need to keep some high quality embarrassment material up my sleeve for their teenage years.


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  1. i love this post!


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