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Tea drinks a mug of herbal tea each morning before school.  I think he likes it mostly because he enjoys the ritual of making it.  (Open tea bag, tea bag in, tea bag out, stir in honey, pour in a little cool water.)

Not that I let him add the honey himself.  That would be faaaar too sticky, especially since he’s already dressed for school at that point of the morning.  But he does the rest.  He had fun experimenting with different flavors from a sampler box this fall.  Like me, he can’t stand fruity herbal teas.  His favorite is cammomile mint.    He wants to know if he can drink black tea like me when he’s “eleventy-sixty years old.”  “Yes,” I tell him.


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  1. I think this is beyond adorable. And you’re eleventy-six years old? Me too!

  2. Such a great picture!! Eleventy-six how cool is that!!


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