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Happy Thanksgiving

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I finally put one of my pins into action – the boys made construction paper turkeys and I wrote what they were thankful for on the feathers.  Pea hasn’t mastered the scissors yet so he just did the gluing for his project, but Tea didn’t need much help.

Nope, I can't spell "gluing". Why don't pens have spell check?

It was interesting to take dictation for the feathers.  Tea didn’t hesitate – I was writing as fast as I could as he rattled off his list:

  • hugging
  • hands
  • kissing my mama and dad
  • my friends playing with me and hugging me goodbye
  • my mama and dad take care of me and hug me
  • my school friends and my teacher

There was a bit of a hugging theme.  Can you tell he likes to snuggle?

Getting a list from Pea proved a little more challenging.  He was so focused on the joy of making the turkey, his first 12 answers were all about the bird.  I had to  ask him what else made him happy, what else did he love (thankful isn’t in his vocabulary yet).  I liked his answers, too:

  • the turkey – the legs, the beak
  • gluing things
  • my foster family
  • my (Dorae)mon costume
  • breakfast
  • my “Tea”
  • my daddy
  • my mama
I was about to hang them up when Tea insisted the turkeys needed hearts that said “love”.  Good  idea.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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