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Thanksgiving, modified

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Poor Pea woke up vomiting on Thanksgiving morning, so our plans to head to my sister’s place for dinner evaporated.  We made Pea a nest in the bathroom and did lots of laundry.  Tea did his part by donning his firefighter/doctor outfit and sitting silently outside the bathroom door to watch Pea sleep.  He wanted to be ready in the event that Pea needed his help (any kind of help at all, including dousing after spontaneous combustion, apparently).

For all of the times they bicker over toys or try to irritate each other, there are as many times that they are heart-meltingly sweet with one another.

Thankfully, Pea seemed mended (although a bit sleepy) after only 3 hours, so we just had a quiet day at home.  I ran to the store so we could have turkey sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, and Brussels sprouts (my favorite vegetable), and I made a pumpkin pie.  It was sad to miss hanging out with my family, but we managed an okay Thanksgiving dinner on short notice.  And we’ve had leftover cheesy potatoes for 5 meals in a row  (Kyle and I have different opinions about the level of awesomeness of this).  Things could be worse.  My family even dropped off leftovers today so I won’t miss out of the cornbread stuffing or the fresh cranberry compote.  Mmmm.


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  1. Poor little man. I’m glad to hear that he mended quickly, though.

    Cheesy potatoes would have a high level of awesomeness, but those brussels sprouts rank right down there with Pea’s vomit. Blech! 😉

  2. Oh, poor Pea! I hope it hasn’t spread through the rest of the household. But if it did it appears that Tea would have had the situation under control 🙂

  3. How cute that Tea kept vigil. Brotherly love.


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