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Hooray!  Tea and Pea have a brand new cousin!  They got to meet her when she was only 6 hours old.  I was too nervous to hold her, but Tea was all about it, after he relaxed about being in the hospital.

Many thanks to Kyle’s brother and our sister-in-law for allowing a squirmy but happy 4 year old hold their precious new girl.  Tea is so excited to “be a good cousin” and “teach her how to grow up”.

Pea seemed to be mostly intersted in poking her cheeks.  I promise we’ll work on that.

Congratulations, B&C!  We’re so excited for you guys.  I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble our kids get into together.


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  1. Wow! She kind of looks like a filled out version of Cricket (C was always on the skinny/scrawny side). Weird, since there’s no reason for her to look like C at all, but of course super cute! 🙂


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