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Stained glass candy, 2011 edition

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Following 51 years of family tradition, we cooked up some stained glass candy this weekend.  And following my own inadvertent tradition of blogging about it on odd-numbered years (20092007), here’s a post.

This is the first year that Tea was able to help cut the candy into bite-sized pieces using scissors.  This is a rite of passage in my family, and he was very proud.  I have vivid memories of cutting candy in my grandmother’s basement (I feel honored that the candy supplies live at my house now).  At Tea’s age, I’d manage to cut just enough to stick in my mouth before darting off to play with my cousins.  But Tea took it very seriously and I think he helped with nearly all 16 pans we made.

It wasn’t all work for Tea, though.  We discovered that he was squirreling away exactly one piece from each batch we made into the pocket of his apron.  He tried the different flavors over the course of the day and there was only one he didn’t like: “It was red or blue or green.  I don’t remember.”

Not surprisingly, Pea was in on the action, too.  Not old enough to touch it yet, but interested enough to cart his chair between cutting locations to watch.  He also had the pleasure of making mischief with his cousin, just like we used to do.

My grandma kept us on our toes, sending pans from the stove sometimes faster than we would’ve liked.  And don’t you dare try to make the flavors out of their traditional order, or you’ll (I’ll) get scolded.  I can say this because she doesn’t read my blog and because she loves it when I tease her.  😉

Making candy is one of my favorite things to do during the holidays – it’s a great excuse to get together with family.


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  1. Such a superb tradition!! Wow, I love it!!


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