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Sewing Club, week 1 results

Tonight is our second week of sewing club, so I figured it was time to post about the results of week one (if only to show that sewing club involves more than just drinking wine). The project for week one was inspired by these ornaments from anthropologie. To make them I used old felted sweaters and layers of quilt batting. I made a paper template that I pinned to a sandwich of sweater + batting + sweater. I stitched around the paper template and then cut away the excess sweater and batting after it was all stitched. This made them nice and pillow-y (stuffing the ornaments would have been difficult as they are skinny and the results would have been lumpy). After trimming I used embroidery floss to whip stitch around the edges for a nice finish. The separate letters led me to think about what would happen if I combined letters in one template and before I knew it I was making the annual ornament for the Underground Knitters (the UK, for short).

The UK began in 2005 and I’ve tried to make an ornament commemorating each year of knitting happiness. I can do this because our knitting circle is only four people. And most years I neglect to make one for myself, so I end up only making three ornaments. Which is why I only have an ornament from 2009 and now, 2011, to display on my tree. Perhaps I could go back and recreate some of the earlier ornaments. Hmmm. That seems like cheating. Anyway. Back to sewing club…

Tonight we’ll be making yarn wrapped letters and bottles, neither of which require any sewing. Odd. Very odd.


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