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krumkake was made, and no one was hurt

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Of all the Christmas traditions we have my favorite is the making of the krumkake. This is odd as I really don’t like to cook and try to only go into the kitchen to retrieve a cup of coffee or pour a bowl of cereal. But krumkake is different. Perhaps because it is so ceremonious. First I put on Tracks, disc 1, by Bruce Springsteen and skip ahead to Bishop Danced. Then I clean the kitchen counters and make a lovely working environment for myself. I may even don in apron. I definitely pour a glass of wine. Then I pull out the krumkake iron, a splurge of a purchase made in the early months of our marriage when spending $50 on something as unnecessary as a griddle that you use but once a year was unheard of. I like to say that I’m Norwegian, and technically I am 50%, but really the only Norwegian thing I do is make krumkake. Once a year.

This year Pia wanted to help. I was on the fence about this as a) it is a wicked hot iron, and b) I tend to need a bubble of space around me when I cook, a 10 foot bubble preferably.  But, realizing that my favorite Christmas tradition was one where I was alone (with Bruce) seemed a bit out of sync with the Christmas spirit. So I said yes. And we had a ball. And none of her fingers, hands, elbows or hair got scorched. A Christmas miracle indeed.

Yes, that is my hand in the picture, ready to yank her arm out of the way in case her hand got too close to the iron. A bit overprotective? Perhaps. But there is no faster way to ruin a good Christmas tradition than with a burn injury, no?


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  1. I had great intentions of making krumkake before Christmas – got an electric double iron at a yard sale 3 summers ago. Was soooooo excited, My Norwegian blooded friend had come over on deer-hunting weekend about 5 years ago to teach me the art. This was going to be the year. Oh well – maybe for Lent?! At least I can say “Welcome” in Norwegian – thanks to the towns in the area that have “Velkommen” signs!

    • Maybe next year we need to plan a krumkake and thai cookie (know any good ones?) making party before Christmas! Think of all the krumkake we could churn out with both of our irons going at once 🙂

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