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in lieu of real snow, may i introduce frosty the pancake

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One of our advent activities this year was to make snowman pancakes with daddy. Most of the advent activities I plan go over like lead balloons (make an ornament for our new neighbor? no. make a present for grandma? sigh. put out treats for the birds? blah.) so when one is actually embraced with enthusiasm I get really excited. As was the case with the snowman pancakes that Jim cooked and Pia and her friend decorated.

After dusting their snoman-cakes with powdered sugar the girls decorated them with chocolate chips (regular and mini) and tiny carrot noses. Oddly, the one thing Pia kept eating wasn’t the chocolate chips but the carrot noses. I think I ended up cutting three dozen noses before they made it onto the snowmen. Kids are funny.

Of course, eating pancakes for dinner is always a treat, so maybe that was part of the allure. As for the perennial favorite of the advent activities? Hands down, the candy cane hunt.


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