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I saw the idea of wrapping bottles in yarn on pinterest and was intrigued enough to try it. So, one evening during sewing club I busted out the elmers, scrap yarn and clean beer bottles. It was very fun to do and I was all excited about the finished project until I noticed the raised eyebrows of the other stitchers that evening. Maybe the idea wasn’t as cool as I had thought. This happens quite a bit as the creative side of my brain doesn’t have much of a filter. ¬†Nonetheless I gave them to my mother-in-law this weekend as a birthday present, saying that she could enjoy them for a while and then recycle them when she was tired of them. I think. Meribeth, can I get a ruling on this? Surely glass bottles can still be recycled even if they’ve been wrapped in yarn, no? The yarn would burn off in the melting process just as paper labels would, I presume. But now I’m concerned that I just made a recyclable item non-recyclable. Please advise.


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  1. They are very cool! I’d have to get the official recycling word from our vendor in East Troy, although a recent tour revealed some fine screening that might kick them out of the system…however…regifting them or “sharing” for reuse at Good Will, etc. might be the next option since they are awesome!


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