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can you ever have too many games?

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Yes. You can. And we do. Because every time I go to St. Vinny’s we end up getting a game. Or two. Because they are $1. So on New Year’s Eve I made a stack of all the games we own and declared that we must play every game in the house, top to bottom. If ‘someone’ says they don’t want to play a game then it goes back to St. Vinny’s. And not surprisingly, it appears that all you really need are 15 really good games. The rest just take up space and aren’t played with all that often. Our top 10? In no particular order:

  • Tier auf Tier
  • Scrabble for Juniors
  • Sorry!
  • Cadoo
  • The Allowance Game
  • Candy Land
  • Checkers
  • I Never Forget a Face (a memory-style game)
  • Silly Socks
  • Busy Town

Of course this doesn’t include card games. That’s a completely different list.


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