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sister synching, part 2

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A snowy day. A ‘new’ Bruce Springsteen album on repeat. The discovery of a ‘hidden’ track on said album. Two happy cats following me around the house as I putter and clean. A mocha and a bavarian creme donut on the table, surprises from my husband this morning. This day lends itself well to being reflective. So reflective I shall be.

Since Robin has left the wormhole for solo blogging adventures, I asked my sister, Bethney, if she would be up for blogging with me. Happily, she said yes. When we were kids Bethney and I had elaborate plans to live next door to one another when we grew up. Not only would be be next door neighbors, but the houses would be connected via a bridge. Sadly, as grown-ups, we live 56 miles apart… a bit too far for a bridge. For the time being the wormhole is as good as it will get. Hopefully it will serve as a route for me to virtually pad into her kitchen in my slippers on a snowy morning and share a cup of coffee with her.

To kick off this new version of the wormhole, Bethney and I need to synch up. Over the next week we are going to attempt to post the happiest moment from each day.  My friend, Kristin, shared this great article about parenting and seizing the moment, or, rather, not seizing the moment. I think it is a great read for anyone parenting little kids, like we are. Finding those kairos moments, that’s what these next few posts will hopefully be about. Hopefully they will inspire you to find the kairos moments in your days, too.


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  1. Craig Gundersen

    I am looking forward to the introduction of a new blogger into this venue.

  2. Especially one who is so cool and good at math. And french.


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