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I’m still sick. And grumpy. I am an enormous baby and pretty much complain non-stop when I am sick. Yesterday Pia kept reminding me (when I would begin to grumble and cry) that I just needed to think of happy things. “Don’t cry mama,” she would chide, “when I’m sick I just try to think of things that make me happy, like flowers and rainbows.” This sounds suspiciously like a mash-up of Pinky Pie’s (the my little pony) “Laughter Song” (crack up at the creepy/whoop it up with the weepy…) and the advice I try to give her when she says she can’t sleep (just think of a calm, relaxing place…), but I’ll take it. Her attempts at comforting me really do make me feel better, because she is so sincere in her advice. The other thing that makes me happy when I’m sick? The excuse to take a 3 hour nap. Which I did. This morning. Immediately after dropping Pia off at school.


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  1. Craig Gundersen

    Perhaps watching a this WKRP episode on You Tube (do a search on “WKRP Real Families”) will cheer you up. This would also provide a context for Jeff’s comment to Julie when we arrived at the Church for Faith’s Confirmation and no one else was in the parking lot and he said to Julie “Julie, this is a Synagogue” in a sotto voce.

    • Craig – this was an excellent suggestion, and filled with great future GForF questions. Surely items mentioned on this blog are fair game in addition to things mentioned on the family blog, no?

  2. Items on this blog should definitely be included. Albeit, this will enable Lisa and me to continue our streak as winners of GForF. What is it now – five years in a row that we’ve won?


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