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happy: bruce and a new blog to follow

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To my delight, I discovered that my friend, Debbie, has started her own blog: Ordinary Creative. Her blog is long overdue as she has been dreaming up great projects for years and I have been lucky enough to see many of them. Her goal is to find time to do something creative each day of 2012… I think I might just need to have that goal as well. I highly recommend clicking over to Debbie’s blog to check out some of her great ideas. I really want to try her DIY gallery wrap canvas.

Yesterday I was the lucky recipient of one of her projects, a clock made from Bruce’s Born in the USA album. It quickly found a home in my sewing area, right next to the album cover (surely one of the best album covers of all time, but I might be biased). I’ve been needing a clock down there for quite some time since I’m always worried I will be so immersed in my sewing that I’ll forget to pick up Pia from school. So hooray for things that are useful and cool! Thanks Debbie!




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